BCL Standalone Release Notes

March 2024

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: UI now handles changes to the Event that remove the Channel on the Live Control page.
  • Improvement: API now avoids indexing if the search feature is disabled (reduces unnecessary exceptions).

February 2024

New Features
  • Added basic start/stop support for MediaKind encoder plugin.
Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API now handles latest drmswitch job response while remaining backwards compatible with older versions.
  • Fix: API now handles edge case errors with channel dependencies in AWS, able to delete in failed states.
  • Improvement: API wait times for deleting channel dependencies have been increased slightly.

January 2024

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: UI now correctly loads default values for property configurations.
  • Fix: Automation now correctly evaluates SUSPENDED Events as neglected.
  • Improvement: Returns CMAF input URLs as encoder inputs.

November 2023

New Features
  • Added support for Zixi as an ingest protocol, compatible with Media Live encoders.
  • Added support for an auto-suspend job, configured in central configuration with a value for publishing point inactivity before it becomes suspended.
Fixes and improvements
  • Improvement: Automation checks for neglected Events now catch an edge case with missing provision/terminate times.
  • Improvement: API now returns more informative errors when validating JSON.
  • Improvement: API now allows signalling custom webhooks with provisionStateChanged set.
  • Improvement: API now responds correctly with error structures for new Event, patch Event, and delete Event requests.

October 2023

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: Automation now works correctly with proxy settings.
  • Improvement: API now returns additional RTP-FEC URLs for MediaConnect (with variant ports).
  • Improvement: API now reports RTP MediaConnect inputs as rtp:// rather than udp://
  • Improvement: API now supports creating srt-caller mechanism for MediaConnect. This is not full-input support however.

September 2023

Fixes and improvements
  • Improvement: API now supports HLS Pull input type, and using it with MediaLive channels.
  • Improvement: API now supports allocating and releasing EIPs for self-created MediaLive channels.
  • Improvement: API now supports setting RTP outputs for MediaLive channels.
  • Improvement: underlying configuration concepts have been consolidated.

August 2023

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API now supports non-3-digit PIDs for Wowza stream configurations.
  • Fix: API now recognises RTP Push from Media Live as a UDP_RTP Input Type.
  • Fix: System now correctly reports usernames for audit logs.

July 2023

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API now accepts meta for Playout Profile track kind.
  • Fix: API now correctly performs post-start actions for LIVE_STARTING start-up sequences.
  • Fix: UI now correctly filters to Failed TaskEngine jobs.

June 2023

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API now correctly inserts overlays for MEXL integration on startup.
  • Fix: API & UI now correctly support proxy settings for relevant deployments.
  • Fix: API now correctly reports deployment load at low levels instead of a 0 value.
  • Fix: UI now correctly displays the JW SSAI interface again.
  • Fix: UI support address has been updated.
  • Improvement: MEXL encoder integration now exposes overlayStartupDelayMs rather than static 16 second wait.
  • Improvement: SDK has had missing /health endpoints added.

May 2023

New Features
  • Default tags for AWS self-created Channels. awsChannel now support a defaultTags object for all resources, and a project tag is added by default (can be overridden at any level).
  • Expanded JSON bindings. Archiverflows, CustomProperty Configurations, Remixflows (Compose), and Vuflows now support {config:x:y} bindings. Event’s can now also bind using {archiverflow:}, {custompropertyconfig:}, {remixflow:}, and {vuflow:} for standard properties id, name, and reference_id (where applicable).
  • Internal Endpoints. The VIS API now supports internal endpoint authorisation where previously any undocumented endpoints could be called by any user with permissions, now these are restricted to the internal API key(s).
Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API now auto-stops LIVE_STOPPING Events that have TERMINATED infrastructure (edge case stuck state)
  • Fix: VIS.SDK fix for get Event by reference Id.
  • Fix: UI uses latest VIS.SDK package, resolving problems with Event Clone and Restore.
  • Improvement: API now clears get Channels with Events on Event webhook.
  • Improvement: UI no longer shows the Support role or members in user management.
  • Improvement: Added clarity to common Live Media Syndication error log.

April 2023

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API no longer accepts API keys for disabled users.
  • Improvement: API webhooks now report whether the capturingLive2Vod flag has changed in that operation.
  • Improvement: UI can now be configured with default permissions for default roles (previously required manual use of the matrix).

March 2023

New Features
  • Encoder-based Event ending. Using Auto-Stop without an end time is now supported and will mean the Event automatically ends when the source encoder is no longer running.
  • Mist Server Support. Mist Server is now supported as an additional streaming server for social media syndication.
Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API now waits briefly before restarting a Publishing Point, solving issues with performing this too fast.
  • Fix: API no longer errors when processing metadata.json files which include null objects.
  • Fix: API now moves LIVE_STARTING to PRE_LIVE when performing a Force Stop.
  • Fix: UI no longer ignores confirmation dialog for restarting a publishing point, and no longer improperly redirects.
  • Improvement: Automation now Terminates Events that are recognised as having expired Publishing Points
  • Improvement: API no longer flags Events as “not started” if they are scheduled for the past.
  • Improvement: API and UI now reports invalid AWS credentials faster for Channel interactions.
  • Improvement: API now supports a SyncResources endpoint, replacing ResetResources endpoint, for use by internal support.
  • Improvement: API now supports Recreate and Delete dependencies endpoints, for use by internal support.

February 2023

New Features
  • Asynchronous Start & Stop. Long running encoder starting and stopping now utilise LIVE_STARTING and LIVE_STOPPING intermediate states to solve problems with timeouts. Current supported by Media Live.
  • Neglected Events. The system now detects unused + provisioned Events and overran livestreams and automatically cleans these up.
  • Shared Clipping Library. The system now supports returning all Clipping user data for users in a configured shared role.
Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: UI now correctly reports issues with saving permissions instead of always displaying “Saved”.
  • Fix: UI now prevents overwriting External and Reference Id fields with blank values when changed since page load.
  • Improvement: API now supports configuration bindings for CDN Configuration JSON.
  • Improvement: API now performs a ForceStop based on reachable encoders rather than only the Provision state.
  • Improvement: API now supports tagging MediaConnectFlows via self-channel creation using _tags property.
  • Improvement: API and UI updated to support 2.0.0 releases of the Task Engine.
  • Improvement: UI now displays a YouTube button in place of a simple link for Destination activation.
  • Improvement: UI now displays fields for separating Live2Vod into different Site IDs (JW Platform integration).

January 2023

New Features
  • Dynamic Scaling Feature. This feature can now be turned on and off via the Broadcast Live interface.
  • Clips Lists. Broadcast Live offers a Clips view for searching Events under the “VOD” heading.
  • JW Platform UI. Broadcast Live allows setting SSAI options when creating or manging a Live Event.
Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API now correctly sets the Content ID on Assets based on the Event.
  • Improvement: VOD Download blocking can now be done on specified addresses to be blocked.
  • Improvement: Error reporting from V4 Hero integration has been improved.

December 2022

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: .NET SDK async methods for adding and updating an Event now correctly deserialise the Id response.
  • Improvement: API now performs first-time setup when enabling Dynamic Scaling feature.

November 2022

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API now supports creating Publications for streams sent to Wowza with mixed casing.
  • Fix: API now correctly supports the files array from DrmSwitch callback, handling the missing folder path for this workflow.
  • Fix: UI correctly recreates Publishing Points again.
  • Fix: UI now correctly allows empty values for Custom Properties.
  • Improvement: API & UI use upgraded Media Syndication packages which improves performance via asynchronous calls.
  • Improvement: API now accounts for encoder redunancy in calculating statistics.
  • Improvement: API now prevent self-created AWS Elemental channels from having the same name as an existing channel, avoiding confusion an duplicated configurations.

October 2022

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API now correctly updates Assets to reflect a DRM switch operation.
  • Fix: API now correctly calculates the SCTE duration for AWS encoders.
  • Fix: UI now correctly saves the Channel Profile as expected.
  • Fix: UI now correctly parses the Task Engine URLs from the configuration.
  • Improvement: API has increased tolerance for webhook timeouts to reduce unnecessary errors.
  • Improvement: API now accounts for redundancy and on-premise devices when calculating statistics.
  • Improvement: API now accepts failed VOD ingest callbacks for Events that do not exist, and therefore creates Events to represent these.
  • Improvement: API no longer creates default configurations for workflow objects as this was unnecessary.
  • Improvement: API performance for fetching Assets by extensions has been vastly improved.
  • Improvement: API now has additional safety checks when communicating to MediaConnect devices.
  • Improvement: UI now displays files on storage for Events in VOD_ERROR state.

September 2022

Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API no longer encounters an error for the internal VUALTO administrator accounts for clipping requests.
  • Fix: API no longers makes an assumption about the content path when deleting from storage, fixing a rare deletion issue.
  • Fix: API now safely attempts to read from the “metadata.json” file rather than error.
  • Improvement: UI now attempts to offer additional context to encoder control errors.

August 2022

New Features
  • .NET Upgrades. The platform has been upgraded to the latest .NET version (.NET 6).
Fixes and improvements
  • Improvement: API now sets the End Time of an Event based on the VOD duration if not already set.
  • Improvement: UI now allows you to send keepAsset when deleting Events.
  • Fix: API now correctly terminates an Infrastructure Profile with partial workflow information.
  • Fix: API & UI use higher timeout values when waiting for encoder startups (motivated by Media Live time-to-start).
  • Fix: API now correctly sets RTMP/MSS outputs for MediaLive when both configured on the same encoder.
  • Fix: UI now correctly loads JSON with escaped JSON in the configuration.
  • Fix: UI now correctly parses the VOD Publication PublishAt as local to the user’s timezone.
  • Fix: UI now displays error information when adding or updating a Channel rather than a generic message.

July 2022

New Features
  • Duration Information. API and UI now displays duration information for the Event for INSTANT_VOD and VOD content.
Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API no longer encounters an error fetching input information for self-managed Media Connect with RTP & Zixi protocols.
  • Fix: API is more tolerant when deleting Media Live channels.
  • Fix: API now removes previous encoder dependencies when a further one encounters an error.
  • Fix: API & UI no longer incorrectly tag logs, fixing problems with returning this information in the API and UI.
  • Fix: API no longer incorrectly checks for Media Live state when using startTimeout.
  • Fix: API no longer incorrectly clears multiple USP publishing points if misconfigured.
  • Fix: UI now displays error information when saving a Channel.
  • Fix: UI no longer defaults to DASH ingest for YouTube publications.

June 2022

New Features
  • Self-managed Channel support for Media Live & Media Connect.
  • Media Live Source Replacement. Extended source replacement functionality now allowing for input switching and SCTE-35 signalling as source replacement options.
Fixes and improvements
  • Fix: API now auto-resets the provision state to SCHEDULED when infrastructure has been terminated and the scheduled provision time is in the future.
  • Fix: API now correctly indicates whether the provision state has changed on updating the Event in the resulting webhook.
  • Improvement: API makes a wider search for logs by Event Id, this results in additional logs being available in both the API and UI.
  • Improvement: API scheduler can be configured (internally) to reduce concurrent requests to the API, which in turn avoids overloading the API when many Events need to be provisioned or published at the same moment.
  • Improvement: UI now can be configured to show source replacement without an image in cases where this is statically configured on the encoder.

May 2022

New Features
  • Archiver MP4 Split Support. API & UI now support specifying MP4 Split options for Archiver Playout Profile configuration.
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: API no longer uses a default image for Media Excel source replacement and the image parameter must be specified.
  • Fix: UI now correctly navigates for the Vuflow column in the paging table.
  • Improvement: UI now adds support for playout profiles (and configured defaults) when adding a new live Event.
  • Improvement: UI offers an updated JSON editor for JSON configurations (Monaco editor w/ context menu functionality).
  • Improvement: UI now can be configured to display no-option source replacement (for future use with toggle-able replacements).

April 2022

New Features
  • Media Live Overlays. Overlay functionality for Media Live configurations.
  • Media Live Source Replacement. Basic source replacement functionality for the video layer only in Media Live configurations.
  • Media Live SCTE35 Insertion. SCTE35 insertion for Media Live configurations.
  • Media Live SRT Input. SRT input supported using MediaConnect (incl. automated starting & stopping of MediaConnect flows).
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: API now correctly fetches Channel statistics for self-managed Channels.
  • Fix: API now correctly sends encryption information when generating VOD Downloads.
  • Fix: API now correctly checks for an existing Vuflow when performing a VOD DRM Switch on Add/Update Event.
  • Fix: UI no longer incorrectly presents the option for generating an MP4 for live Events.
  • Improvement: UI now allows separate permissions for administering Playout Profiles and applying them to Events.
  • Improvement: API now supports official AWS region names for Media Live Channel configurations (e.g. eu-west-1 over EUWest1). Previous values remain supported.
  • Improvement: UI now enabled “Use JSON body” by default for webhooks. This is the recommended setting going forwards and form-encoded properties are considered deprecated.

March 2022

New Features
  • VOD Clipping. The system now supports setting a default start & end for VOD Event to clip as in INSTANT_VOD.
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: API no longer requires specific casing for Channel configurations for dynamic target configuration.
  • Fix: API correctly sends internal requests for backing up the live fragments.
  • Improvement: API consolidates input structure to be a single object & adds support for setting Media Live inputs.
  • Improvement: API supports DRM defaults and no longer need to be entered for every new Event.
  • Improvement: UI has a branding update to JW Player styling.

January 2022

New Features
  • Channel Binding. API adds support for using {channel:id|name|reference_id|twenty_four_seven} JSON bindings.
  • Hero V5. API now supports V5 as an integration for encoder control and clipcast/Live Compose.
  • Clipping Channel Sources. API now supports stream source, capture source, stream protocols, and VOD workflows on Clipping Channels.
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: UI no longer encounters and error when deleting too many Events at one time.
  • Fix: API no longer creates too many deployment notifications & clears the cache on deployment.
  • Improvement: API returns more information in the API error response for JSON validation.

December 2021

Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Improvement: improved error message details for dynamic infrastructure.
  • Fix: API now cleans up VOD Downloads more frequently to avoid intensive removals.

November 2021

New Features
  • Live Control Error Handling. UI shows more descriptive messages for the Live Control actions.
  • Error Responses. API now produces a consistent error structure, preserving previous status codes.
  • Reference and External IDs are now limited to 100 characters in length.
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Improvement: UI now offers the ability to delete multiple Events from the list pages.
  • Improvement: Improved performance of querying ChapterPoints.
  • Improvement: Improved performance of querying Events by Reference or External IDs.
  • Fix: API now returns child ChapterPoints as expected when specifying a given Id that has a parent assigned.
  • Fix: API now correctly returns Asset/MP4 URLs for the Event.

October 2021

New Features
  • Extra Navigation. UI now offers direct navigation from Edit General page to the selected Channel page.
  • Configuration Bindings. System now supports additional bindings for configuration JSON, where values are pulled from configuration.
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: UI no longer incorrectly describes the requirements for times when creating a ChapterPoint.
  • Fix: UI no longer ignores configured default audio profile.
  • Fix: UI no longer incorrectly hides the Provision fields.
  • Fix: UI no longer incorrectly assigns an Infrastructure Profile when creating a Live Event.

September 2021

Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: UI accepts Descriptions with HTML for Publications.
  • Fix: UI no longer sets Scheduled Provision/Terminate times unnecessarily.
  • Fix: UI no longer applies Infrastructure Profile default regardless of configured feature set.
  • Fix: UI no longer shows Infrastructure options prior to Infrastructure being selected when creating a Live Event.
  • Fix: API no longer returns an error when processing deletion callbacks for already deleted Events.
  • Fix: API sends more informative internal alerts.

August 2021

New Features
  • CDN Bandwidth Statistics. Returned in Billing Stats when applicable.
  • Fastly CDN Integration. Fastly now supported for clearing CDN cache.
  • DRM Statistics. Returned in Billing Stats when applicable.
  • Private VOD flag can be specified on VOD Upload as a per-Event option.
  • Force Restart Endpoint. This action is now available on the API and performs a single state change.
  • Auto Publish Offset. Ability to configure a system wide Auto Publish value.
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: UI resolves problems when creating a new Live stream.
  • Fix: UI correctly allows empty values for Publication information.
  • Fix: API no longer accepts PRE_LIVE state changes when the Channel is running.
  • Fix: API no longer attempts to terminate Infrastructure twice.
  • Fix: API no longer accepts Infrastructure for an Event without a Infrastructure Profile.
  • Fix: API correctly allows for Infrastructure when creating an Encoder Compose Event.
  • FIX: API no longer alerts for non-provisioned Events when they have already passed the scheduled termination time.
  • Fix: VTS handles edge-case with MediaExcel.

  • Improvement: UI allows for Events to be delete on the General page.
  • Improvement: UI shows default invalidation when clearing CDN cache.
  • Improvement: UI live control page is now more responsive.
  • Improvement: UI allows for a additional defaults when creating a new Live or VOD stream.
  • Improvement: API updated Event.DateModified in an improved approach.
  • Improvement: API performs additional checks when processing Infrastructure changes.
  • Improvement: API performs automated actions (e.g. Start, Stop, Publish) asynchronously.
  • Improvement: API supports both Ids and Name values for Category and EventType parameters for GetEvent.
  • Improvement: API supports mezzanine option when creating VOD Downloads.
  • Improvement: Additional logging for lower level actions.

May 2021

New Features
  • Ceeblue Live encoder. Supported ingest formats are RTMP, UDP, SRT.
  • VoD2Live / Simulated live using our Live Compose feature.
  • Media Excel overlay / logo insertion support.
  • Media Excel video router control support.
  • Clipping player has been overhauled.
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: Various Event state termination issues.
  • Fix: Event termination not allowed when Event is INSTANT_VOD.
  • Fix: Webhooks fire when an event thumbnail is updated.
  • Fix: Set an empty output when stopping a Media Excel encoder.
  • Fix: Asset storage checks and asset extension filtering.
  • Fix: Category custom properties update correct as opposed to duplicate.
  • Fix: Event publish time used for INSTANT_VOD is only set on the first publish.

  • Improvement: Specify audio mappings for Media Excel channel input. Support for mono and dual mono setups on events.
  • Improvement: Event searching expanded on other fields such as External ID.
  • Improvement: Variable thumbnail intervals for a live2vod asset.
  • Improvement: Channel custom property binding.
  • Improvement: Social Media ingest SRT support.
  • Improvement: Output URL code optimised.
  • Improvement: Multiple event types can be specified on Get Event API call.
  • Improvement: Add Stream defaults can be set in configuration.
  • Improvement: UI system clock has been optimised.
  • Improvement: Various permission improvements.

February 2021

New Features
  • Player drastically upgraded. The VCH player now uses a Shaka player with a VUALTO component / skin. Stats overlay and ability to switch audio, subtitles and bitrates.
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: EOS when set in the channel configuration didn’t set USP stream to stopped. This has been solved.
  • Fix: Live2VOD retries solved.
  • Fix: Thumbnail uploads via API now work as they should.
  • Fix: Soft deletes and hard deletes handle clean-up better.
  • Fix: Toggling Publish/Unpublish on an event only alters the Instant VOD start time the first time.
  • Fix: Logging and date filtering works correctly.
  • Fix: Various UI fixes and permission fixes.

  • Improvement: Health checks return the list of failed live2vod jobs.
  • Improvement: Thumbnail uploads via API now work as they should.
  • Improvement: VOD Download limiting rules.
  • Improvement: Search API can be filtered on reference id and improvements made to the response.
  • Improvement: Allow multiple categories to be specified on Get Event API.
  • Improvement: C# SDK supports arrays for patching/updates.
  • Improvement: MP4 ‘Failed’ state added.
  • Improvement: Allow DRM switching for Clipped VOD Events.
  • Improvement: Return VIS and Admin version API endpoints. See VIS API Health documentation.
  • Improvement: Chapterpoint API optimisations.
  • Improvement: Custom properties and form template improvements. Support for array default values, multi select and hidden fields etc.
  • Improvement: Support for CMAF outputs on Media Excel Hero encoders.
  • Improvement: Support for Media Excel Hero video router matrix. Allows the input and output map to be specified in the channel JSON. This can be populated with a property binding.
  • Improvement: Support for audio channel input/output mapping using the CMS to specify on the audio selection. This is useful for dual mono or mono audio mapping.
  • Improvement: Channel JSON Schema supports the SDI input type.
  • Improvement: Support for setting multiple language outputs on Media Excel Hero V5 encoders. V4 backwards compatible.
  • Improvement: Display Start and Display End calculations factor in all event states and possible date combinations. More accurate date used in API and CMS.
  • Improvement: The User interface for adding events/streams and been made easier for an operator to use.
  • Improvement: Search filter in the CMS allow you to search with an Event ID, External ID or a Provision State.
  • Improvement: Dashboard columns configurable and DRM column added.
  • Improvement: live2vod improvements around the player and selecting times.
  • Improvement: Various minor UI enhancements.

November 2020

New Features
  • Enhanced the user interface for navigation and when adding events/streams. Allows for easier navigation and event creation.
  • Support for Varnish Cache Server deployment for Infrastructure Scaling. Support includes USP Origin Servers, Media Excel Hero Encoders and Varnish Caches that can be created per event to drive costs even lower.
  • Support for SCTE Marker Insertion using Media Excel Hero encoders. Can be bulk imported or inserted on the fly.
  • Support for GIF thumbnails on events.
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: Media Syndication various fixes around Twitter rate limiting and publication date comparisons.
  • Fix: Missing display attributes effecting text formatting on the Infrastructure Profile page.

  • Improvement: Infrastructure Scaling resource tags can be specified as a dictionary and will be attached to AWS/Azure resources automatically.
  • Improvement: Zabbix automation improvements and instances can be auto deleted when older than x days.
  • Improvement: Automated live2vod jobs can be given a priority for Task Engine processing.
  • Improvement: Increased the priority maximum to be 100 for VOD downloads.
  • Improvement: Task Engine UI status job links to the event (if an event exists).
  • Improvement: Users can be marked as deleted from a central configuration. Next time the config is reloaded the user(s) will be removed.

October 2020

Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: Add provision bindings to playout profiles.
  • Fix: VTS timeout issues - only query the publishing point information when the provisioned resources exist.
  • Fix: Media Excel HMS bug workaround. Solves an issue where the HMS returned all devices when none could be found.
  • Fix: Json Serialisation on parts of the VIS.
  • Fix: User permission caching.

  • Improvement: Live2VOD additional workflow properties. For example, you can set a thumbnail time or generate the MP4 duration the live2vod conversion.
  • Improvement: Support for the Task Engine NPVR workflow callback so assets appear as VOD.
  • Improvement: Support for new and old Task Engine callback format of build thumbnails.
  • Improvement: HMS High Availability mode error checking.
  • Improvement: C# SDK contains Get Event by Reference ID.
  • Improvement: Automatically generate an API key when adding new users.
  • Improvement: Preview thumbnails are no longer default for VOD ingests and Live2VoD.
  • Improvement: Query the CMS version number. {admin_url}/home/version.
  • Improvement: Support for Failed Rate Limit Publication State.
  • Improvement: Zabbix automation for provisioned infrastructure.
  • Improvement: Support for provisioning cache servers with dynamic infrastructure.
  • Improvement: Media syndication contains retriable states.
  • Improvement: Media syndication uploader handles YouTube rate limit errors.

September 2020

New Features
  • Support for native Thumbnail Assets using the API.
  • Support for Playout Profiles when viewing the preview player or the multi monitoring page.
  • Support for CDN Geo restrictions. EBU and CloudFront currently.
  • Support for adding custom headers to Webhooks.
  • Support for adding custom slates on a live source. Media Excel encoders currently.
  • Support for AWS load balancers using forward-for-x headers when SSL is switched on.
  • Support for synchronising live and VOD content to JW Platform.
  • Support for dynamic infrastructure. Specifying infrastructure can launch them on demand when the event is running.
  • Support for customising user management emails with templates.
  • Overhaul of the CMS User Interface, navigation, and some sizing improvements.
  • New User Interface for the Task Engine management.
Fixes and improvements

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fix: Solved an issue where a failed VOD Capture did not convert to VOD_ERROR.
  • Fix: Solved an issue where event scaling got stuck in a state that should be terminated.
  • Fix: Log when emails cannot be sent in the automation checks.
  • Fix: Added states for webhooks when hard deleting an event.
  • Fix: DateTime Now local time used for VOD completion date.
  • Fix: Provisioning dates to use ISO8601 standard.
  • Fix: Invalid parameters for chapter points will result in a Bad Request.
  • Fix: Fix a starting issue with the HMS when using a dynamic Hero instance.
  • Fix: Live2vod Trans DRM issue solved.
  • Fix: Formatting URL when in and out parameter specified no longer formats the DVR parameter.
  • Fix: Bug solved with Fine Uploader.
  • Fix: Added retry DRM code when it fails.

  • Improvement: Live2VOD convertors allows MP4s to be created at the same time. This also improves performance and correctly delays the Instant VOD switch until both the stream asset and MP4 are available.
  • Improvement: Playout Profiles are cached for better performance.
  • Improvement: Playout Profiles allows for publishing points to be targeted rather than every publishing point on the channel.
  • Improvement/fix: Custom properties code has been refactored.
  • Improvement: Live2VOD auto restart code has been refactored to solve some issues and it allows for creating the VOD asset without moving the live event to a VOD state.
  • Improvement: Caching added to infrastructure profiles to improve performance.
  • Improvement: VTS AWS Elemental Plugin supports the ability to update inputs and outputs with encompassing the concept of multiple rather than just a primary and secondary.
  • Improvement: Webhooks have been refactored to reduce lookup requests and improve performance.
  • Improvement: Code optimised to improve VOD download priority by analysing recent requests.
  • Improvement: ‘Date modified’ on the event is updated when child objects are created/updated or deleted.
  • Improvement: USP API can be run with a user for file read/writing.
  • Improvement: Content ID can be overridden from default event ID in the DRM config.
  • Improvement: Ignore SSL route added for overriding SSL. e.g. admin-ignoressl.*
  • Improvement: Paging code refactored and optimised.
  • Improvement: Removed environment references as no longer required and allows for easier VCH setup.
  • Improvement: Code optimised for encoder locks.
  • Improvement: Download queue management optimised.
  • Improvement: Documents layout page improved.
  • Improvement: User account improvements for permissions, verification, emails and general permission structure.
  • Improvement: ‘Infrastructure profile to channel matching’. User Interface will warn if profile is not optimised or incompatible for channel.
  • Improvement: Stream URLs are now links.