Vualto Documentation

This site provides detailed insights into four pivotal product areas integral to modern video content delivery and orchestration.

Dive deep into the mechanics of the Task Engine’s versatile VOD creation, the modular capabilities of the Video Information Service (VIS), the multifaceted integration features of the Media Syndication API, and the expansive functionalities of the Vualto Control Hub (VCH).

Product Summary
Task Engine Facilitates VOD creation from diverse sources, supports custom workflows, uses REST API with callback mechanism
Video Information Service (VIS) Offers APIs to interlink services for a streaming solution, tailored to client needs
Media Syndication API Integration tool for media services; utilizes ‘Destinations’ for target locations and ‘Publications’ for content
Vualto Control Hub (VCH) Release Notes for the VCH platform, an advanced video orchestration tool powering VUDRM & CLIP2VU products

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Together, these products offer a comprehensive suite for video streaming, publication, and management, tailored to meet varying client requirements.