Documents are additional items that can be created in relation to an Event. They are custom entities created by a user or service to reference external content.

Document Object

  "id": "021a4727-3f4a-4b7d-9276-3fa61615408f",
  "name": "Example Document",
  "url": "",
  "order": 1

Supported Actions

POST /document/

Add or Update a Document.

Request Body:

  "eventId": "36e0986d-0006-4e2a-829c-8dfa85cf3f66",
  "documentId": null,
  "title": "Example Document",
  "url": "",
  "order": null

Note: id is required when updating a specific Document, but optional when adding.

Response: 200 OK

PUT /document/{id}/order/{order}

Update the order of a given Document.

Note: order is an integer value and must be included.

Response: 200 OK

GET /document/

Get all documents in the system.

Response: 200 OK and JSON response containing many document objects.

GET /document/

Clone Documents from one Event to another.

Query Parameters:

Name Type Required Description
sourceEventId Guid Yes The Event Id to copy from.
targetEventId Guid Yes The Event Id to copy to.
removeSource bool No Whether or not to remove the properties from the source Category. Defaults to False.

Response: 200 OK

DEL /document/{id}

Delete a Document by Id.

Response: 200 OK